About Wollongong Club


Annual membership to the Wollongong Underwater Hockey for  is FREE!

Benefits of being a club member:

  • Free underwater hockey at Wollongong University Pool on all club nights (you will still need to pay pool entry).
  • Eligibility to play in one of our teams at interclub competitions and the State Championships.

Membership is not compulsory. You can still play hockey with the club as often as you like, but non-members will not have access to the benefits listed above. In addition to pool entry, non-members will need to pay $8 per session.

Please note: For the club’s insurance all players must also be financial with Australian Underwater Federation (AUF). Your AUF Membership can be paid and maintained on the AUF Website. Membership costs $80 for Seniors and $40 Juniors per year*. Players who are not financial with AUF will not be insured and will be unable to play games with the Wollongong Club after the first 4 weeks of club membership.

*From: 1st July 2017 Senior fee: $95 Junior fee: $50

AUF Membership fees are distributed as follows:
$10 (5) – NSW Underwater Hockey Commission
$10 (5) – Underwater Hockey Australia
$15 (5) – AUF
$20 (20) – Insurance

To become a new member of the Wollongong Underwater Hockey Club wollongongclub@nswunderwaterhockey.com

Payment can be made by cash (only if given to the Treasurer in person) or cheque (made out to the Wollongong University Underwater Hockey Club).



Giulia Risorto

Sue Deverson

Sean Cleary
Jenny Kennedy
Chief Referee
Andy Davis
URAC Pool Liaison Officer
Phil Ackerman
Equipment Officer
Phil Murray
Media and Public Relations Officer