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Winter Wonders: Juniors & Kings Cup Highlights


2025 Nationals to be held at Ballarat, Victoria, from 12th to 19th January

More information coming soon!

Playing UWH through winter

Our Sydney Sunday night hockey sessions for juniors are held in an outdoor pool all year round. It’s beautiful and balmy in summer but bracing and dark in winter! As we approached and passed the winter solstice temperatures dropped to 11C but the kids keep turning up to play, even when it rains.

The pool is heated (we are not monsters) and the kids tell us it is warmer in the water than out. On the coldest nights you can see the steam rising from the water surface. The hardest bit is the dash from poolside into the water.

Parents wear puffer jackets and squash our faces against the window staring at the water polo players playing in the indoor heated pool. Not for the underwater hockey kids. The only thing that has stopped them this term is a broken pool heater.

In the pool the juniors worked on puck and tackling skills, and practised progressing their flick. Special thanks to coach, Nat Marshall, and all the Sydney Club members who joined us in the pool, providing invaluable game time opportunities for our juniors.

Kings Cup

In other term 2 news, a Sydney C Grade team competed at Kings Cup in June. The team left a very wet Sydney to soak up some Gold Coast sunshine. The team consisted predominantly of our junior athletes and joining Kings Cup was a great development opportunity.

The team played against 5 other teams in C grade. The Drop Bears (Tasmania) took first, Gold Coast was second followed by The Grizzlies (Tasmania) in third. Sydney came in 6th spot and improved throughout the competition. Their attitude toward each other, their competitors, and losing matches was truly admirable - they maintained positivity and enjoyed themselves throughout.

We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the Sydney parents who attended, assisted, and contributed to making the weekend truly fabulous. Your support was invaluable, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Sessions start back at Gunyama Aquatic Centre on Sunday 21st July at 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

Ali & Isaak