NSW State Championship Results

The NSW UWH State Titles are held every year, contested by all the NSW UWH clubs. Our records only go back to 2008, but if you have information on previous winners please contact us.

2023NewcastleSydney AMVP - Nick Hind
Most Improved - Cara Gibson
2020RydeSydney AMVP -
Most Improved -
2019RydeSydney Young GunsMVP - Max Campbell
Most Improved - Ben Maslen
2018CanberraSydney AMost Improved – Isaak Campbell
2017Woy WoySydney*MVP – Ryan Heckenberg
Most Improved – Lennox McKay
2016RydeSydney BMVP - Ron Brear
Most Improved – Clancy Martin
2014KnoxNewcastleMVP - Alice Van der Woude
2013HomebushWollongongMVP - Ryan Heckenberg
2012RydeSydneyNot awarded
2008Coffs HarbourDiv A – ?
Div B – Sydney
Junior – Luke Martin

*2017- Competition won by Chibchas but Sydney awarded the State Titles trophy as Chibchas were not a NSW UWH club