It is compulsory for all NSW underwater hockey players to wear protective gear in the form of a glove on their playing hand and a cap with ear protection. No player will be permitted to participate in training sessions or competitions without this necessary protection.

All required gear is FREE to use for new players coming along to try out underwater hockey, but if you have your own mask and snorkel bring that along.


Your mask should be made with safety glass and have two separate eye pieces. It should also be low volume i.e. have the minimum amount of air trapped inside it. Look for something small and comfortable.

When choosing your fins, or flippers, it is best to go for a ‘full shoe’ style, like swim training flippers, rather than the ‘open heel’ variety, commonly used in scuba diving. They need to have soft edges so as not to hurt other players.

Gloves are purpose made from either latex or silicone. These can be purchased from True Blue.

Underwater hockey caps are simply waterpolo caps with protective ear pieces. You will need two, one white and one blue. These can be purchased from most sports shops.


Snorkels are available in many designs. Look for one that is soft and flexible, with as wide a pipe as possible. Some people prefer purge valves, but others don’t like them at all and it’s really just a matter of preference. In general, it’s a good idea to shorten them by cutting a section off the end, as this makes the snorkel easier to clear, but get advice on how short to go before you cut them.

Mouth Guards
Mouth guards should be worn to protect your teeth from flying pucks. You can buy one to attach to your snorkel or get a moulded one, either from a chemist or made up by your dentist.

Sticks or Bats
The sticks, or bats are purpose made, and each player needs to have a pair, one being white and the other black.

Most Importantly, the Puck
An underwater hockey puck is made from lead and covered with a moulded plastic to protect the playing surface.

All of the specialist Underwater Hockey Equipment can be purchased from a number of online stores. As masks, snorkels and fins are very personal, buy them from your local dive shop or from one of the sites below. However, before investing in fins, check with your club members about the latest styles and where to get them from.

Visit the True Blue website

Visit the Hydro website